About Rhodri Davies : harp / improvisation /  new music / http://www.rhodridavies.com/

photo : Kuba Ryniewicz

As an improvising saxophonist, Bertrand Denzler has played and recorded in Europe, North America,  South America, the Middle East and the Far East with working bands like TRIO SOWARI and HUBBUB, hundreds of musicians like Burkhard Beins, Angharad Davies, Axel Dörner, Phil Durrant, John Edwards, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Mattin, Sunny Murray, Eddie Prevost, Taku Unami, Nikos Veliotis and Mark Wastell, artists from other disciplines (dance, sculpture, video, poetry, performance, theatre) as well as solo.He also composes instrumental pieces for contemporary ensembles and for films and gives improvisation workshops. 

He has published over 30 releases on labels such as Potlatch, Matchless, For4Ears, Umlaut, Creative Sources, Leo, Ambiances Magnétiques, Label Bleu, Fargone, Zeromoon a.o.


+ JOHN POPE solo double bass [http://johnpopebass.wordpress.com/]

So look on it as a post TUSK rebalancing of your cogs and wires, an adjustment to that sandblasted feeling after Borbetomagus.

Mining Institute, Neville Street, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 1SE

8PM : £6 with a bar.


Crank Sturgeon has been active in performance, installation, and sound art since the early1990’s. A comical conceptualist, Crank is something of a misnomer: whether blending pun with the profane, or transforming the precious into an oil spill, a Sturgeon performance defies categorisation. Accompanied by ridiculous costuming, pointed instructions and parables (gone awry), and even the occasional dirigible or two, these elements intertwine, transforming into space-defying interventions, and invariably involving audience participation. More than just possessing a predilection for the absurd, Crank wears the goggles of the perpetual optimist: infusing his processes with a classical struggle, and yet always with a leery salmon grin, awash in an undertow of delicious and celebratory noise…    http://cranksturgeon.com

Fritz Welch is a drummer, percussionist and vocalist determined to stretch the escalator of possibilities into the bloodshot eye of results. He is or has been a member of Asparagus Piss Raindrop, Brittle Hammer Trio, Drummer’s Corpse, FvRTvR, Glasgow Improvisers Orchestra, Irritating Horse Eye, Ki, Lambs Gamble, Not Us, Tripping Landlocked Infidels, Peeesseye, Reel Speed Artist, The Final Five, W!77iN6 and With Lumps. He has played with Blood Stereo, Chris Heenan, Evan Parker, Crank Sturgeon, Liene Rozite, Daniel Carter, Julia Scott, Jazzfinger, John Butcher, Joke Lanz, Stephen O’Malley, Maya Dunietz, Michael Vorfeld, Eric Boros, Tony Conrad and Usurper among many others. He has made performance pieces with Moya Michael, Iain Campbell F-W, Ultimate Dancer, Paige Martin and Juliette Mapp. A longtime Brooklynite of Texas origins, he is now based in Glasgow Scotland…. www.humansacrifice.net

and as if that wasn’t enough

and even more 

All at the Mining Institute, Westgate Road, near the Station. Saturday 27th September 8PM, £6

Music and Sound at Dunston Staiths Part 2 : Saturday 6th September 6.00PM

A Better Noise and The Jetty Project present :


Rhodri Davies : improvising harpist. He will be making  an Aeolian harp installation based on the Cone at the top of the Staiths, the biggest wooden structure in Europe. Aeolian harps use the wind  to vibrate the strings and the sounds from the 4 harps will be mixed live.

Rhodri’s work covers a huge range from composed music - including important pieces composed for him - to working in improvised settings.


The Noize Choir
Founded in the mists of a few years ago, they expand and contract to suit the purpose, working in space and spaces unused to a choir improvising and working from graphic scores and responding to the when and where. 


Gabriele Heller is an actor and singer who has developed voice and song works based on texts. Her performance will be a reading with sounds.


Book tickets here http://www.wegottickets.com/event/288177

Performances start at 6.00PM and tickets are £5, including a £1 donation to the Tyne and Wear Building Preservation Trust who look after the Staiths.


Please note: Performances are weather contingent, and an announcement will be made on the day if there are any changes to the schedule/venue.

Please wear stout shoes/boots. High-heels/sandals are not permitted. Come prepared for rain! Performances are all outside, with very limited shelter.

We are limited to a maximum of 30 people on the Staithes, tickets are essential.

At 6.30PM, tomorrow at Dunston Staiths in Gateshead…

John Butcher - saxophones and electronics 

Posset and Greta Buitkuté - voices

will do something strange and wonderful to the biggest wooden structure in Europe - play music in through and around it!

The show is limited to 30 people - it’s a very delicate as well as a very big structure. There are still tickets via We Got Tickets - see earlier posts for details. Or you could chance it and come down and buy one on the door. First come, first served.

Music and Sound at Dunston Staiths, Gateshead August and September 2014

A new project for A Better Noise working in a radically different space - Dunston Staiths, a former coal loading jetty on the south side of the Tyne. It’s the biggest wooden structure in Europe, 500 metres long, 30 metres high, open to the wind and the weather.

We are organising two performances in collaboration with the Jetty Project [http://jetty-project.info/] an AHRC funded project to create a temporary large-scale architectural artwork integrated within the impressive wooden structure of Dunston Staiths.

Part of the artwork is in place : The Cone designed and built by Wolfgang Weileder was completed in June this year.

The performances

on Saturday 23rd August :

John Butcher  http://www.johnbutcher.org.uk 

He is a world renowned improvising saxophonist whose work includes performances in an amazing range of settings. From the massive Oberhaused Gazometer to the Smoo Cave at Durness in Scotland and the endless echo of the Hamilton Mausoleum, Butcher has shown an unrivalled ability respond to space with sound and a powerful musicality.

http://www.johnbutcher.org.uk/Site_Specific.html  has samples of some of these projects.


Posset and Greta Buitkuté : improvising voices

Ojay The Amazing Bassplayer + The Drummers : razor sharp funk

Starts 6.30 for 6.45PM, finished 8.30PM

There are only 30 tickets available and booking is essential


[includes £1 donation to Tyne and Wear building Preservation Trust]

Unique music and sound in a unique place